Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pulses and grains

It has been a while since we had some vocabulary.


Today I thought we could focus on pulses and grains.

Pulses                                       Albekol                                                    البقول
Black eyed peas/beans            Fasolia Ein Sodah                            سوداء عين الفاصوليا
Broad (fava) beans                  Fasolia aredah                                        (فافاالفاصوليا
Grain (cereal)                          Hebob                                                       حبوب
Chickpeas                               Homoss                                                   الحمص
Lentils                                     Adss                                                          عدس
Rice                                        Roz                                                          الأرز
Vermicelli                               Shereiah                                                     الشعيرية
Pasta                                      Makarona                                                معكرونة 

Black eyed peas/beans            Fasolia Ein Sodah                            سوداء عين الفاصوليا

Black eye peas are soaked overnight then cooked with meat in a tomato based sauce.

Broad (fava) beans, Fasolia aredah, (فافا) الفاصوليا)
Broad (fava) beans, Fasolia aredah, (فافاالفاصوليا
Broad beans are used to make the ever popular Ful Medames.  Such a great way to eat broad beans, the slow cooked beans are then flavoured with oil, lemon, salt, garlic, and served with finely chopped onion, tomato, cucumber as well as feta cheese and eggs as an optional extra. For more details check out my previous entry (http://dynasegyptiancooking.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/slow-cooked-beans-ful-medames.html).

Rice was a staple in our household.  Made fresh almost daily to go along with pretty much anything.  We often used vermicelli as it can be fried in butter or oil before the rice and water is added.  As part of the rice dish, it adds colour and flavour.

Vermicelli     Shereiah    الشعيرية
Vermicelli     Shereiah    الشعيرية

Rice is served with most main dishes including Tabikh (dishes cooked in a pot on the stove).  Our equivalent of meatballs was served with rice rather than pasta, and while there are several dishes which contain other Carbohydrates such as pasta or potatoes, rice is still an accompaniment.

Rice    Roz    الأرز
Rice    Roz    الأرز

I still love eating rice, especially with salad and a simple dressing of oil, salt and lemon.  And feta cheese.

fata wi ros (Bread with rice)
fata wi ros (Bread with rice)

Baked fish with bulgur grains
Baked fish with bulgur grains

Grilled fish with red rice (Rice in tomato sauce)
Grilled fish with red rice (Rice in tomato sauce)


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