Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dynas Egyptian Cooking eBook

Finally, I've completed my first eBook!

Its for sale on Lulu in PDF format.  Click on the link below to access the site.

Book 1 Contents

Lentil soup عدس Aatz , page 4
Pita bread parcels حواوشى Howowshi, page 7
Bean salad سلطة فاصولياء Salatat faso-ley-a, page 10
Falafel فلافل Ta’meya, page 12
Stuffed vine leaves محشي ورق عنب Mahshi wara enab, page 16
Beef in stock لحمة بالشوربة Lahma bil shorba, page 22
Fried fish سمك مقلي Samak maquli , page 24
Rabbit ارنب Arnab, page 26
Butter pastry فطير Fit-ir, page 30
Basbousa with yoghurt بسبوسة بالزبادى Basbousa bil laban zabadi, page 33
Apricot pudding مهلبية بالقمر الدين Muhallabia bil amaradine, page 36
Stuffed dried figs تين محشي Tèen, page 38

With full colour photos and little anecdotes you will find it more than the usual cookbook.  I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to leave comments or feedback on the book below.

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