Sunday, 18 November 2012

Meat Lahm لحم and more vocab!

I’m not sure where to start today.  It has been a very busy and exciting three months as we have moved into Spring here in Australia and I have been working ridiculously hard on my health and fitness.  While the effort is never wasted it has meant that I have not done as much cooking.   The boys have also had to curb their kitchen creations.  I stopped mentioning cooking together and hoped the boys wouldn't notice but that wasn't to be. 

 For those following the “Cooking in Your Pyjamas” videos and watching the boys cooking together and eating the fruits of their labor then you will be happy to know that I have uploaded another great creation.  Chocolate and coconut self-saucing pudding.  A twist to the usual Chocolate pudding which has to be my husbands all time favourite dessert.  He did however approve of this so variation so that’s a relief! 

The link is below if you are interested in seeing the video of the boys at work.  They really do have so much fun and in this one my youngest son finds feeding his older brother very funny.  You can also find more of the "Cooking in Your Pyjamas" cooking videos in the playlist on YouTube under "Dynas Egyptian Cooking Channel".

Anyway back to the Egyptian cooking.  I think now that the weather is warming up I will no doubt be outdoors so the boys can burn of energy and I do look forward to getting into the kitchen again and getting the boys involved.  In the mean time I thought I would add to the word list since it has been over a month from the last addition.  As usual you can find the entire list in the “language centre” tab at the top.

Today’s topic: Meat!

Meat                                  Lahm                                                               لحم

Basturma                             Basturma                                                          بسطرمة
Beef                                    Lahm ba`ar                                                      البقر لحوم
Cured Ham                         Lahm Khanzir memalah                            مملح خنزير لحم
Hamburger mince                Hamburger Lahm Mafroom               المفروم اللحم همبرغر
Lamb                                  Hamal                                                                    حمل
Liver                                   Kebdah                                                                   كبد
Kidney                                Kalawy                                                                 كلوي
Meat                                   Lahm                                                                       لحم
Pork                                   Lahm Khanzir                                                  خنزير لحم
Rabbit                                Arnab                                                                    أرنب
Sausage                             Sausage                                                                  سجق
Sheep                                Kharoof                                                               خروف
Steak                                 Steak                                                                     ستيك
Veal                                  Lahm Betelo                                                         بتلو لحم

I think I needed to revisit these again.  We often don’t cook a huge range of meats and I must say that my favorites are Chicken and Lamb so that is what I prefer but I still have rabbit in the freezer so there is always something a little different I don’t have to go shopping for when the desire strikes me!

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