Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pulses, Albekol, البقول

It has been longer than expected for my next post but rest assured I have not been on holidays.  Instead I have been working on the video side of things and it has taken me longer than expected to get anywhere.  So  in the mean time here are a few more words that might come in useful someday. :)

I hope to have a new recipe and video up in the next couple of days so stay posted.

Pulses                                       Albekol                                                    البقول
Black eyed peas/beans         Fasolia Ein Sodah                             سوداء عين الفاصوليا
Broad (fava) beans               Fasolia aredah                                          (فافا) الفاصوليا
Grain (cereal)                       Hebob                                                                  حبوب
Chickpeas                            Homoss                                                             الحمص
Lentils                                  Adss                                                                     عدس
Rice                                     Roz                                                                      الأرز
Vermicelli                             Shereiah                                                           الشعيرية
Pasta                                    Makarona                                                       معكرونة 

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