Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ahlan Wa Sahlan 

أهلاً و سهلاً  !!!!!

Ahlan Wa Sahlan is an ancient Arab phrase used to welcome guests. 

So welcome to my new blog all about exploring Egyptian food and cooking! I hope that you will drop in over the coming months and years as the blog grows and please feel free to post comments, ask questions and become a follower!

I am hoping to get on to Facebook soon, so perhaps I will see you there as well.


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  2. Hi have you got a recipe for Morrakhiah (not sure of the spelling, that green leaf soupy stuff)?

    1. Hi Helmy,
      We call the green leaf soup "Molokheia". I do have a recipe for it and now is a great time to ask about it because if you are in Australia then fresh Molokheia is in season at the moment. My dad had a family gathering at his house on New years for the first Molokheia of the season. I have been flat out with a new baby and moving house so will try and get this recipe up soon. :)