Monday, 29 July 2013

New Arrival

I had every intention of making a video last weekend and had all the ingredients and equipment out and ready on the kitchen bench.  I had decided that that was the priority for Saturday and thought it best to get the boys breakfast and dressed as quickly as possible so that they could go outside.  All that remained then was to get the filming done as efficiently as possible in the time that I had before the boys made their reappearance, after which nothing much more is usually accomplished.

Anyway, the best laid plans and all that, rather than doing a video the events of the day took their own dramatic turn which culminated a few hours later in the arrival of our baby girl!  Her sudden delivery 7 weeks early meant that not only were the plans for the video completely forgotten, but also plans for the week.

Now, one week later and I am completely and utterly consumed by the events of each day and there can be little time to contemplate much other than the basic necessities for the boys, myself and of course our new arrival.  With daily trips in and out of hospital to visit our baby, as well as the need to rest and heal from her delivery, the thoughts of cooking are put aside and the ability to make a video during this time is almost impossible.

So, stay tuned for updates and hopefully I will get around to posting a recipe and making a video sometime in the near future.

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